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Welcome, dear angler friend!

You are visiting the home page of the Hungarian National Anglers' Association, where you can find information about the conditions and regulations of angling in Hungary as well as brief descriptions of the most significant and popular angling waters.

You are heartily invited to Hungary for angling!
Get to know the diverse Hungarian waters rich in fish and still abound in natural beauty!

You can meet traditional Hungarian hospitality in natural environment at watersides. The number of our national anglers is almost 330.000 today, and the national association together with the regional anglers's societies and unions (the number of which exceeds one thousand) welcomes everybody on our waters.

In the past two decades the number of our foreign angler guests is increasing year by year, who either make their holiday various with angling excursions or arrive with a definite aim of angling.

There are plenty of angling waters in Hungary. The two big rivers of the Carpathian basin, the Danube and the Tisza cross the country with their backwaters and numerous influents. The three big and natural lakes, Lake Balaton, Lake Velence and Lake Tisza (this latter is a storage lake built on river Tisza), numerous big water basins, several mine-lakes, many smaller natural lakes and larger or smaller channels are famous in Hungary.

Of the overall almost 130.000 ha. water-area 60.000 ha. is in state use, almost 30.000 ha. is used by anglers and 40.000 ha. water-area is used by fishing organisations, but on these waters angling is also possible. More and more waters are under environmental protection, but this does not usually pose a greater limitation on angling activities, since angling is a part of the fishing management of these waters.

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